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900. Rudbeckia maxima: Compositae

4 January 2019


Rudbeckia maximaNutt. (Compositae: Heliantheae: Rud-beckiinae) is described and illustrated. Cultivation, propagation andavailability notes are provided. The genusRudbeckiais discussed, and theposition ofR. maximacommented on, as well as the somewhat uniquekey character (the reflectiveness of the leaves under UV light) that hasbeen used to distinguish this and two other species. The relationships ofRudbeckiawithin the tribe Heliantheae are discussed, especially amongstthe other coneflowers. The epappose nature of the achene is discussed.It is considered similar to the situation found inEchinacea tennesseensis:the achene is covered in a dark brown corky layer, over the black phy-tomelanin layer, and extends above the apex of the achene forming acupule, within which the dilated base of the disc floret corolla sits.


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