Notes on Justicia sect. Monechma (Acanthaceae) in Angola, including two new species - Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew research repository
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Notes on Justicia sect. Monechma (Acanthaceae) in Angola, including two new species

3 May 2019


Two new species of Justicia sect. Monechma, Justicia cubangensis and J. eriniae, are described from Angola. Their affinities are reviewed, together with a discussion on the correct generic name to apply to these species. A conspectus of Justicia sect. Monechma ‘Group I’ in Angola is presented, including a key to the species and notes on habitat and distribution for each taxon. Two new combinations and one new name are provided for species for which there was no previous name available in Justicia, and lectotypes are proposed for four names. Twelve species are recognised in this group in total, eight of which are currently believed to be endemic to Angola. Justicia subsessilis is recorded in Angola for the first time, and J. laeta is placed in sect. Monechma, having previously been tentatively referred to sect. Tyloglossa. Monechma carrissoi is considered to be conspecific with J. virgultorum and so is synonymised here. In addition, the botanical importance of the type locality of J. cubangensis, the Cuchi River gorge of the Cubango drainage, is highlighted and two further new provincial records for Cuando Cubango are noted from this site: Eriocaulon angustibracteum (Eriocaulaceae) and Crepidorhopalon schweinfurthii (Linderniaceae).


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