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Willow carr fungi

July 2019


Preparation of this two-part article, introducing groups of fungi found in willow carr, was prompted by three considerations. Firstly, the FM editorial panel wanted to follow up the series on alder associates (Ainsworth, 2010; Kibby, 2010; Robinson, 2010) with a corresponding series on fungi associated with willow carr to provide a general introduction to fungi of wet woodlands. Secondly, a recent revision of the official national guidelines for the selection of Sites of Special Scientific Interest (Bosanquet et al., 2018) highlighted willow carr as one of the fungal habitats in need of further fieldwork to increase and diversify fungal representation within the SSSI portfolio. The third, and decisive, consideration was the announcement of a BMS Wet Woodlands Workshop which will focus on the fungi of alder and wet willow habitats in the Doncaster area from 6–9 September 2019. In presenting this short guide we would very much like to acknowledge the earlier accounts of fungi associated with willows and sallows, including those of montane and dune habitats, provided by Watling (1992), Roberts (2004) and Spooner & Roberts (2005).


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