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Leuzea repens, a new combination (Compositae: Cardueae: Centaureinae)

18 May 2019


The taxonomic concepts and nomenclatural issues surrounding a group of taxa, often placed into ‘Rhaponticum Vaill.’ sensu auct. mult., are discussed. Taxonomically, taxa belonging to Acroptilon, Leuzea, Stemmacantha and ‘Rhaponticum Vaill.’, are now considered congeneric. ‘Rhaponticum Vaill.’ is not considered a validly published generic name and taxa are now recognised under the generic name Leuzea, which has priority. The taxonomic position of Acroptilon repens (Compositae: Cardueae: Centaureinae), the only representative of the genus in Iraq, has been reviewed and a new combination in Leuzea is provided, together with an exhaustive synonymy of the taxon concerned.


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