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New combinations in Decalobanthus (Convolvulaceae)

14 December 2020


The recent revisionary work of “Merremieae” has resulted in the segregation of the c. 100 species of the pantropical genus Merremia into six genera. Thus, the formerly monotypic genus Decalobanthus was expanded, aggregating 13 species of Merremia s.l. The genus delimitation is coherent, with strong molecular phylogenetic and morphological support. Decalobanthus, hence, consists of woody climbers with broadly cordate leaves, large yellow or white flowers, four-valved chartaceous capsules, and is mostly distributed in Asia and the Pacific. Four species have remained classified in Merremia s.l., although molecular and morphological evidence unequivocally suggests their placement in Decalobanthus. In the present work, these are formally transferred to the genus, which now extends to 17 species.


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