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A Global Resource for Plant and Fungal Knowledge. Science Strategy 2015-2020



Science has always been the heart of Kew’s purpose and it will continue to be so. Our collections, our people and our partnerships enable us to make an invaluable and highly relevant contribution to some of the biggest issues facing the global population. We do this through research, conservation, and educating and inspiring the public about the importance of plant and fungal science. This document sets out how Kew intends to make a unique and valuable contribution to plant and fungal science and the specific outcomes we will deliver over the next five years. It has been developed in tandem with a major re-organisation of our scientific resources that, along with this strategy, will provide focus and clarity on Kew’s scientific priorities. In delivering this strategy we also strive for transparency and accountability, both essential to any successful endeavour. At each stage of the development of this document the ideas and proposals it contains have been rigorously challenged and shaped by Kew’s Trustees, colleagues at Defra, and other stakeholders including academic institutions, non-governmental organisations and businesses. We are also grateful for the input of all Kew’s scientists, and to a number of external experts whose insights and critical feedback were invaluable. This strategy does not claim to have all the answers. The challenges facing humanity will evolve, and science will continue its forward progress. However, researching and conserving plant and fungal diversity has never been more urgent given the pressing challenges facing the planet and human populations. We believe this strategy, by describing Kew’s science priorities, will make an important and unique contribution to addressing these challenges.


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