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Madagascar vegetation map

September 2007


This 1:800,000 map was produced for the Madagascar Vegetation Mapping project.


There is 1 file associated with this work, which is available for download.


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    • Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

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    • This is the final version of the vegetation map. This map has been modified with the findings of the workshops, numerous field trips and expert input. Many thanks to you all. Main changes since last version: 1) Reclassification of Ambohijanahary Forests and various cleaning of small areas of forest etc. 2) Addition of Tapia Forest 3) Differentiation of Degraded Spiny forest from Spiny Forest 4) Cleaning up of North of Madagascar (boundaries of Humid forest from Western Dry forest) 5) Addition of Wetlands 6) Cleaning up of many small areas of miss classified vegetation. Comments on the current classification on this map are still welcome.