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Plant and Fungal Tree of Life project


Discovering and disseminating the evolutionary history of all plant and fungal genera.

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Research report

Kew Tree of Life Explorer - Release notes 2.0.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew 2022 2022-10-27 Public
Journal article

A Comprehensive Phylogenomic Platform for Exploring the Angiosperm Tree of Life.

Baker, William J. ;   Bailey, Paul ;   Barber, Vanessa ;   Barker, Abigail ;   Bellot, Sidonie … 2022 2022-09-23 Public
Journal article

A Bird’s Eye View of the Systematics of Convolvulaceae: Novel Insights From Nuclear Genomic Data.

Simões, Ana Rita G. ;   Eserman, Lauren A. ;   Zuntini, Alexandre R. ;   Chatrou, Lars W. ;   Utteridge, Timothy M. A. … 2022 2022-08-12 Public
Journal article

Benefits of alignment quality‐control processing steps and an Angiosperms353 phylogenomics pipeline applied to the Celastrales.

Simmons, Mark P. ;   Maurin, Olivier ;   Bailey, Paul ;   Brewer, Grace E. ;   Roy, Shyamali … 2022 2022-06-10 Public
Journal article

Lineage‐specific vs. universal: A comparison of the Compositae1061 and Angiosperms353 enrichment panels in the sunflower family.

Siniscalchi, Carolina M. ;   Hidalgo, Oriane ;   Palazzesi, Luis ;   Pellicer, Jaume ;   Pokorny, Lisa … 2021 2021-10-06 Public
Journal article

Relative performance of customized and universal probe sets in target enrichment: A case study in subtribe Malinae

Ufimov, Roman ;   Zeisek, Vojtěch ;   Píšová, Soňa ;   Baker, William J. ;   Fér, Tomáš … 2021 2021-10-06 Public
Journal article

A comprehensive phylogenomic study of the monocot order Commelinales, with a new classification of Commelinaceae

Zuntini, Alexandre R. ;   Frankel, Lorna P. ;   Pokorny, Lisa ;   Forest, Félix ;   Baker, William J. 2021 2021-10-06 Public
Journal article

Joining forces in Ochnaceae phylogenomics: a tale of two targeted sequencing probe kits

Shah, Toral ;   Schneider, Julio V. ;   Zizka, Georg ;   Maurin, Olivier ;   Baker, William … 2021 2021-10-06 Public
Journal article

Phylogenomics and biogeography of Cunoniaceae (Oxalidales) with complete generic sampling and taxonomic realignments.

Pillon, Yohan ;   Hopkins, Helen C. F. ;   Maurin, Olivier ;   Epitawalage, Niroshini ;   Bradford, Jason … 2021 2021-10-06 Public
Journal article

Hundreds of nuclear and plastid loci yield novel insights into orchid relationships.

Pérez-Escobar, Oscar Alejandro ;   Dodsworth, Steven ;   Bogarín, Diego ;   Bellot, Sidonie ;   Balbuena, Juan A. … 2021 2021-09-30 Public